A collaborative design studio for social justice visionaries

What we do

We work with and within communities that are fighting back against injustice to co-design awesome new things in awesome new ways.

How we do it

Our work is rooted in design justice, which informs our day-to-day practice. We document our learnings by sharing research; these learnings can support or transform our theory.


Aug. 17, 2017

We’re hiring! Join our team to work on collaborative, community centered social justice design projects. Please apply by Aug. 25. More info here.

June 12, 2017

We are presenting two sessions at the Allied Media Conference (AMC) this year! Join us on Friday June 16th as we explore Building Consentful Technologies. On Sunday June 18th join us for the Vision Archive: Picturing the World We want to Live in. Check out the full AMC schedule HERE

May 29, 2017

Una Lee will be the opening keynote speaker at Library Journal from Shelf Space to Open Space next week Wednesday June 7th, speaking on Design Equity in Practice. She will share her experiences creating the Vision Archive, an icon library to facilitate communication around social justice causes, issues, and initiatives.

Mar 10, 2017

OCADU students, check out the Round-table Discussion on Sustainability at the Design Career Fair March 21, 11am at 100 McCaul in the Lambert Lounge. Shameela will be sharing our perspective on sustainability as it relates to social justice.