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Design is a powerful tool. It is often practiced without accountability, resulting in generations of harm in communities affected by racism, colonialism, and poverty.

We are working to transform that harm. We practice design in ways that are accountable to the communities that will be impacted by the outcomes of what we are making.

We look at each project through the following lenses:

Who Benefits?

Design results in benefits for certain groups. A design might improve people’s quality of life, make the world more just, or allow people to profit. We engage in projects where the greatest benefits flow to those who need them most.

Who Is Impacted?

All design has the potential to create harm. That harm can look like the creation of oppressive systems, the appropriation of cultural practices, the extraction of community knowledge, and much more. We strive for our work to prevent and transform design’s harms by co-creating with those who have been or could be impacted.

Who Participates?

Most design processes include only the most powerful people, whether the process is happening across an entire economy or in a single community. This results in design’s greatest benefits flowing to those with the most power. Our work — along with the organizations we partner with — centers BIPOC, immigrant, poor & working class, and disabled communities.

Design Justice

The design justice movement works to transform the harm that design can create in the world. It does this by advocating for communities that are affected by injustice to meaningfully participate in and benefit from design processes and outcomes.


a dotted black line drawing of two triangles intersecting to form a hexagon


a dotted black line drawing of the sun


a dotted black line drawing of triangles emerging from a hollow triangle reaching towards a square


a dotted black line drawing of a heart that is geometric with intersecting lines


a dotted black line drawing of rectangle with lines connecting inside of it


a dotted black line drawing of lines coming diagonally downwards

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