Community-Accountable Design

About Us

We are a team of designers, artists, organizers, and facilitators. We come together out of a shared desire to imagine and build a world in which we are all free.

And Also Too’s 6 values icons are arranged in a circle. They represent Community, Care, Justice, Redistribution, Collaboration, and Joy. They are designed with straight lines and sharp angles. The lines are made up of tiny dots, giving them a softened effect.


We are working to redistribute power in design. We work with and are accountable to communities that have been systematically excluded from and harmed by conventional design processes. We work collaboratively in ways that cultivate care, deep listening, and joy.


We envision a world in which the practice of design is rooted in justice. We want to see a world in which all design seeks to create liberatory and healing experiences.

Our Team

Photo of Una Lee, a Korean woman with long hair and glasses. She is wearing a fuzzy beige sweater and standing in front of a bookshelf.


Creative Director & Facilitator

N’dakina (Vermont)

A portrait of Zahra Agjee amidst tall reed, cattail, and grass. She is in the foreground of the photo with only her upper body in the frame. Her body faces the left of the frame while face and gaze are toward the camera. She wears a black felt hat and a floral pink, green, and black shirt.


Operations Director

Tkaronto (Toronto)

Photograph of Adriana Warner, a young Black woman wearing pink glasses and smiling. Adriana is facing forward, the image is cropped from the chest up. She wears a black and white patterned shirt, hair styled in Senegalese twists. Behind her, the background is primarily white and out of focus. 2 framed prints sit on a shelf, one of a black woman holding a white feather, the other of a monstera leaf.


Designer & Facilitator

Canarsie, Munsee Lenape (Brooklyn)

Photo of Guadalupe Pérez Pita, a Latinx person with short hair. Guadalupe is wearing a black baseball cap and a black floral jacket. They are standing in front of a brick wall.


Designer & Facilitator

Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal)


We work with organizations that are embedded in the communities they serve.

Our partners are all involved in social movement work in some way. They include community-based organizations, non-profits, educational institutions, and small businesses. They share our commitment to the Design Justice Network Principles.

We do this work as part of a larger ecosystem of design practitioners, movement organizers, and visionary thinkers.