Community-Accountable Design


Mixed Metaphor Toolkit

A Liberatory Infrastructure toolkit made for people who believe culture is the fulcrum of social change.

Mixed Metaphor is a workbook and learning deck that share the learning of the artists, culture workers, poets, dreamers, strategists, arts administrators, organizational leaders, organizers, and visionaries of Leveraging a Network for Equity (LANE).

These thinkers came together in various formations for nearly a decade to learn what it takes to create thriving, equitable arts organizations actively working to dismantle systems of oppression and build liberating alternatives.

Both tools can be used individually and in groups to reinforce your work of shifting and dismantling systems of oppression while creating liberating alternatives and new worlds within yourselves, your organizations, and your networks.


Leveraging A Network for Equity (LANE), a Program of the National Performane Network (NPN)


Participatory Learning Partner: Change Elemental
Graphic Design: And Also Too 
Creative Direction: ill Weaver 
Illustrations: Amir Khadar
Copy Editors: Ciara Diane and Sara Carminati
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