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Updates on the Consentful Tech Project

A lot has happened since we released the Building Consentful Tech zine in 2017! The zine, which offers up a framework of what consent looks like in digital spaces, has been cited in numerous publications, used as a resource in community programs and trainings around digital safety, and has inspired a prototype of reversible consent. We’ll share a blog post soon with a roundup of zine-inspired links to date.

We’ve also received a generous grant from the Digital Justice Lab in Toronto, which has helped us design a website and reprint the zines. More on these soon as well!

With all this momentum, it was time for these ideas to have a home of their own, so we’re thrilled to announce that the Consentful Tech Project is now an AMP Sponsored Project! With AMP’s support, we’ll be able to build capacity around two exciting projects in the works:

  1. The Consentful Tech Curriculum & Trainings, a collaboration with the Detroit Community Technology Project, for folks interested in setting up community wireless networks.
  2. The Consentful Tech UX/UI Un-Bootcamp, a not-for-profit education program that will equip learners with digital design skills and result in prototypes of consentful tech.

And Also Too creative director Una Lee will lead the Consentful Tech Project, and our studio will continue to provide design and project management support.

Here are three ways to plug in to the Consentful Tech Project

Stay tuned for more updates!