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Zahra Agjee

A portrait of Zahra Agjee amidst tall reed, cattail, and grass. She is in the foreground of the photo with only her upper body in the frame. Her body faces the left of the frame while face and gaze are toward the camera. She wears a black felt hat and a floral pink, green, and black shirt.


Operations Director

Tkaronto (Toronto)

Zahra is a social change visionary who has worked across the community, visual art, design and social justice spaces for over a decade.

She founded The Truth & Dare Project in 2011 as an avenue for young Muslim women to access free, inclusive visual art programs and events while building community and skills and has developed and facilitated numerous visual art programs in conjunction with local youth organizations. She is committed to utilizing creative forms as a tool of empowerment and change in everything she does. 

Zahra’s educational background is in the visual arts, graphic design, and community arts education.

She enjoys making and eating delicious food, all types of espresso drinks, listening to artists speak about their process, and witnessing ideas actualize into something more. You’ll find her at peace when she’s tending to her plants, laying in green parks, near salty waters or on misty mountains.