Community-Accountable Design

Our Team

Guadalupe Pérez Pita

Photo of Guadalupe Pérez Pita, a Latinx person with short hair. Guadalupe is wearing a black baseball cap and a black floral jacket. They are standing in front of a brick wall.


Designer & Facilitator

Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal)

Lupe is a designer and co-design facilitator centering design as a vehicle for liberation. Their work is guided by the Principles of Design Justice put forward by the Design Justice Network, of which she has been a member and collaborator since 2016.

And Also Too is Lupe’s political home, where she likes to think of herself as a quiet ninja behind the scenes. Outside the studio, they have worked locally to uplift Latinx womxn’s stories of migration and survival, support the art and poetry of incarcerated youth, and shape popular education curricula for survivors of intimate partner violence back home in Argentina.

Other lives: writing, poetry, learning about Latin American history, somatics, bodywork, animation